COVID-19 changed our lives, and many people lost their jobs or had their work hours reduced. The government provided some relief with two major roll outs – increased payments for those who were unemployed under the Job Seeker scheme. And continuing payments for people who were employed whose work dried up because of the effects of Covid-19 under the Job Keeper scheme. 

But things then changed which created financial difficulty for Australians. We still hear about the ramifications from Covid from consumers and businesses.

One way many Australians navigated decreased income after the government removed support was to apply for fast cash loans to have enough income to survive.

Here is what one client recently told us:  

Here is what I owe each week:  

$194.29 Sunshine loans 

$132.00 Moneyspot

$ 53.87 Wallet wizard 

$ 70.00 Nimble

$ 72.30 Swoosh 

$ 72.00 Delta Rentals 



I earn $847 weekly 

These debts take majority of my pay a week and I’m currently living with my parents and need to move out as I’ve been here for 10 months. 

I’ve tried to get debt consolidation loans but have been denied. 

I appreciate your help

Regards, T 

We offer a holistic solution to this type of debt problem.

Our Solve My Debt Now solution:

  1. Aims to reduce your debt (average 30-40% reduction).
  2. Aims to freeze, waive, or reduce your interest.
  3. Negotiates with your creditors to provide you with affordable payment arrangements to pay off your debt that fit within your budget.
  4. Is an alternative to part 9 debt agreements or bankruptcy for you and your family.
  5. May investigate irresponsible lending to test the validity of your debt.

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