The Westpac report, which gauges consumer sentiment notes that there has been a “15% lift in petrol prices over the last two months, coming on top of already strong rises in rent and electricity.”

A recent 5 star google review shows how tough it is out there with rent rises and other rising costs:

“Solve my debt now have been a major relief for me financially, after ending up in a situation of hardship due to a split from my partner, where we shared expenses in the household; and reduced hours at work.

Groceries, rent and my extra outgoing expenses for loan repayments and bills became insurmountable. I earn around 1000 a week, but I was consistently paying out in excess of 500 dollars (before rent, bills, groceries and child support). So weekly I debated whether I pay rent, or if I eat consistently and contribute towards other things.

This created a lot of stress, and feelings of hopelessness, but thankfully Solve My Debt Now have been able to negotiate terms where I will soon be in a position to move forward with my life and move interstate to be with my son.”

The Westpac report further states:

“The cost of living remains the key negative for confidence in this cycle. While the ‘threat’ of rising rates is expected to ease further, a sustained recovery in confidence will only emerge when households are much more comfortable with the cost of living.”

With all this pressure and rising costs what is the solution?

One solution may be reaching out to the National Debt Helpline who will put you in touch with a financial counsellor. Another may be talking with your creditors and trying to find a solution to your hardship.

Solve My Debt Now also offers a solution that you can consider.

Our debt relief solution aims to achieve any or all of the following outcomes for you:

  • Negotiating with creditors to reduce or waive your debt based on your current circumstances.
  • Negotiating with creditors to reduce or suspend your interest payments.
  • Where successful, avoid leaving a 5-year black mark on your credit file in contrast to the outcome of a part 9 debt agreement or bankruptcy filings.
  • Minimises your contact with creditors wherever possible.
  • Setting up payment plans with your creditors within your estimated budget to make paying back your debts manageable over time.
  • Providing a holistic debt relief solution that can be an alternative to immediate insolvency or bankruptcy.

Final thoughts…

If you are finding it difficult to make your debt repayments on time or are having to choose between paying your debts and paying for life’s essentials (like food, shelter and other necessities), Solve My Debt Now would like to help. Breaking free from the cycle of overwhelming debt may be easier than you think and is a positive step towards future financial stability.

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