Solve My Debt Now is a service that is customised just for you.

Our clients have very different financial circumstances that they are facing.

Some people have one large debt and others have many small debts. Sometimes it is a mix of both.

Some people have poor credit scores and others don’t.

Some people are about to be bankrupted and others are putting things in motion to ensure they stay ahead of bankruptcy.

Our team is geared up to talk to you about your entire financial circumstances and what we can do together to improve your situation.

During the first conversation you have with our team we will therefore be seeking:

  • information about your debts including how much you owe now
  • information about your credit score and what is impacting it now
  • information about your current financial position and what you can realistically afford to pay

We then create a realistic plan for you.

This plan includes what we will do for you and what you will need to pay each week for us to do that.

What we are aiming for is to pay off your debts and clear your credit file within a maximum of 3 years, so that you can avoid bankruptcy and be financially free again.

 The cost of not engaging Solve My Debt Now

If your debt is unmanageable and increasing each week it is likely that at one point or another something will break down. At that point you may not make the best decision and may be tempted to enter into a Debt Agreement which IS A FORM OF BANKRUPTCY WHICH HAS LONG TERM CONSEQUENCES and means you go bankrupt.

Or your creditors might force you into bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy is not a nice place to be. It affects your credit score for 5 years. It means you are listed on the National Personal Insolvency Register for 5 years (a public register that can affect your employment and your ability to borrow).

We want to help you and your family avoid that, and the significant emotional and financial cost.

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