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I have been researching the consequences of my part 9 debt agreement I entered 3 years ago and I’m looking to get some advice. I have one with company name witheld and was misled when entering into it that it would repair my credit to do so, and what I’m reading looks like I will never get credit I’m so confused as I was told the opposite by them.. I now feel stupid, I don’t get regular updates from them and the other day they defaulted my payment after trying to take it early without notification. I also do not get regular statements from them and had to request one this week, so I don’t even know what fees they are taking out.

If you know anyone that can look into any of this for me or if you know where I can get some information, I would be very grateful

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Typically, Part 9 debt agreements are sold as credit repair, debt help or debt relief. This could not
be further from the truth.
Part 9 debt agreements are also sold as debt consolidation or a way to get out of debt. When you
are in a hole with a debt problem this can seem like the help you need.

What are the consequences of part 9 debt agreements?

  • Your credit file is marked for 5 years, and you won’t be able to get credit approved including for something as simple as a new mobile phone.
  • Your name will be listed on a public register called the National Personal Insolvency Index for everyone to see for 5 years.

Is there a better way to get debt relief and consolidate your debt?

Yes, there is!

A better way to resolve your debt and avoid entering a part 9 debt agreement or going bankrupt
is to contact Solve My Debt Now.
Our debt relief solution:

  • Negotiates with your creditors for debt reductions or debt waivers, interest freezes or waivers and payment holidays (moratoriums)
  • Investigates whether your debt is valid or was irresponsibly given to you if necessary
  • Clears old black marks off your credit file

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