Below is a list of the top financial goals Australians have in 2023. 

Saving money came out on top (50%) and spending less money came out second (32%).

Travelling overseas is on the list for 14% of Aussies, while 12% will endeavour to be more sustainable and 7% plan to change jobs.

Investing more is top of mind for 15% of Australians, while 11% plan to build up an emergency fund.

1 in 10 (10%) have vowed to pay off their credit card, and the same number (10%) are hoping to buy a home.

Solve My Debt Now can assist with negotiating and managing your debts by working with your creditors to reduce what you owe now and in the future in a number of ways. These include potentially: 

–   Setting up payment plans you can afford instead of what you are currently required to pay under your credit contract 

–   Freezing or reducing interest and fees on your debts 
–   Reducing or waiving your debt (any reduction or waiver we achieve for you we keep 25% of the reduction as a debt reduction fee and you save 75%) 
–   If you have lump sums you can put towards your debt, we can seek a debt settlement  

–   A combination of these strategies  

This option is not a Part 9 debt agreement or bankruptcy. It therefore does not put a 5-year negative mark on your credit file. 

As soon as you enter an agreement with us, we contact your creditors and work to freeze interest, reduce your debts as low as possible and set up minimal payment plans that fit within your affordability.

Other ways to trim your budget and reduce unnecessary expenses is to cancel subscriptions, cut back on dining out. 

Let us help you meet your financial goals in 2023!

What are your top financial goals for 2023?
Save more money50%
Spend less money32%
Reduce expenses18%
Invest more15%
Build up an emergency fund11%
Find ways to increase my earnings (e.g. second job, get a pay raise, start a business)11%
Pay off my credit card10%
Buy a home10%
Pay off mortgage8%
Improve my overall financial literacy8%
Buy car8%
Pay off other personal debt (e.g. student loan, personal loan, car loan, etc.)7%
Buy cryptocurrency6%
Pay off my BNPL debt5%
Save for a home deposit5%
Stop using BNPL3%
I don’t have any financial goals for 202317%


Your money habits can lead to your financial success

Success in your financial life, comes down to your financial habits. Will they set you up for success, or not? The good news is you have the choice and the power to change your money habits forever.

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