“I thought I was tough and could deal with everything and have since realised that all I was doing was running away from what happened. My goal now is to get everything back on track, to pay off debt and save slowly to rebuild my life and hopefully purchase property within 5 years. I went through a divorce, I have 2 young daughters who I suddenly didn’t see very much. I lost property and a family and my entire family as in support are overseas. 

I have struggled with this and never dealt with it until I was forced to. I collapsed in a bank and was rushed to the Emergency and diagnosed with Severe Anxiety, Depression and Panic Attacks. I struggled with how to deal with this and turned to gambling which put me further into hardship but I didn’t know how to deal with it.”

“I noticed the Solve My Debt Now ad and contacted them and they were absolutely fantastic to talk to, they explained everything thoroughly and explained to me that this wouldn’t leave a black mark or go into a part 9 agreement or bankruptcy agreement. So that was absolutely fantastic.

I have since met someone, she has helped me find myself, I have been medicated for my mental health disease and I am seeing a psychologist for my gambling addiction which has since ceased. My new partner is also now controlling my earnings and managing my expenses and spending

Solve My Debt Now has been easy to talk to, kept things simple, and the repayments have absolutely changed my life. I would recommend Solve My Debt Now to absolutely anybody.”

Helping when things change, or your debts are rising

Every week people tell us their stories of overwhelming debt, financial hardship, high-interest rates, excessive fees and feeling like they will never get on top of their debt.

Solve My Debt Now has a tested and reliable debt management solution. This is how it works:

  • We go through your debts and work out what you owe right now
  • We work out a payment plan where you can pay off your debts in 3-5 years
  • We start negotiating with your creditors with get you debt and interest reductions
  • We let you know the outcome of negotiations, so you’ll know if we have had interest frozen or debt reduced and in some cases, debts waived
  • Based on our success we reduce the amount of your payment plan.

Having you in a strong, debt free financial position is our passion, so entrust your debt problem to us.

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