When your debts become overwhelming it can be tempting to think that a debt consolidation loan is the answer. But there is a better way.

Debt consolidation lenders promise to roll all of your debts into one easy repayment but here’s the downside to dealing with your debt in this way:    

1. If you already have a high amount of debt, you will probably not be approved for a debt consolidation loan. But every time you apply for one your credit score will drop.

2. Debt consolidation loans usually come with a higher interest rate, particularly if you already have a lot of debt, so they increase your debt stress rather than decreasing it.

3. A debt consolidation loan is another debt, so it’s not fixing up your debt problem, it’s extending it. 

There is a better way to deal with your debt and that is to get rid of it. Our solve my debt now solution aims to get your current debts to zero in 3-5 years or less.

How does it work?

  • You let us know the total amount of debt you owe right now, and what you can afford to put towards your debts each week or fortnight.
  • We work with you to create an affordable weekly or fortnightly payment plan that you pay to Solve My Debt Now.

What we aim to do for you after you sign up:

  • Reduce your debt (average 30-40% reduction).
  • Freeze, waive, or reduce your interest.
  • Negotiate with your creditors to provide you with affordable payment arrangements to pay off your debt that fit within your budget.
  • Provide an alternative to entering part 9 debt agreements or bankruptcy for you and your family.
  • We may investigate irresponsible lending to test the validity of your debt.

It’s that simple – our solution takes your debt problem out of your hands and into ours.

Having you in a strong, debt free financial position is our passion, so entrust your debt problem to us.

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