When your debts become overwhelming it can be tempting to think that a debt consolidation loan is the answer. But there is a better way.

Debt consolidation lenders promise to roll all your debts into one easy repayment but here’s the downside to dealing with your debt in this way:

1. If you already have a high amount of debt, you will probably not be approved for a debt consolidation loan. But every time you apply for one your credit score is affected and will  drop.

2. Debt consolidation loans usually come with a high interest rate, particularly if you already have a lot of debt, so this increases your debt stress rather than decreasing it.

3. A debt consolidation loan is another debt, so it’s not fixing up your debt problem, it’s extending it. 

There is a better way to deal with your debt and that is to get rid of it. Our solve my debt now solution aims to get your current debts to zero in 3-5 years or less.

How does it work?

  • You let us know the total amount of debt you owe right now, and what you earn per week.
  • We provide you with an affordable weekly or fortnightly payment that you pay to us.
  • We work to reduce or waive your debts and reduce or waive your interest. 
  • Every time we reduce your debt, we also reduce the amount you need to pay us, making you debt free sooner.

It’s that simple – our solution takes your debt problem out of your hands and into ours. And once we get hold of it, typically we can reduce your debt over 90% of the time. 

Having you in a strong, debt free financial position is our passion, so entrust your debt problem to us.

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